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Not very serious Xiuxian live studio

Not very serious Xiuxian live studio

Not very serious Xiuxian live studio

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    Not very serious Xiuxian live studio
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    Sweetened tea
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    Long Novel
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2023-05-16 20:11:26
Lintian had been living in the foreign world for three years. He thought he could live the rest of his life safely as a result, he was cheated by his senior brother to participate in the "idol group" audition, and unexpectedly came out in position C it is also a pleasant life to take the fans in the live studio to enjoy the exotic customs one day, because of a change, almost everyone in the world was chasing him desperate? Panic? No, he doesn't panic at all come out, my fourth Scourge army in the live studio, countless fans (tool people) poured into the different world and began the strange cultivation of immortals the enemy sent out thousands of immortals. Millions of our fans felt that they didn't have enough experience. They knelt down and begged for more the enemy sent out ancient giants, and our holy beast belched the enemy sent out top friars, and we sent fairy Version Magic modification up to... as a big anchor with tens of millions of fans, what's the matter with me? Family, duck (this book is easy to write to shuangwen. It's the fourth day of the disaster stream. It's not NPC, but just an ordinary strider. Well, maybe so) PS: this book is also known as "at first I just wanted to explain, but later I didn't need to explain", "I was forced to dominate the different world", "this group of fans are too sand carving", "as long as you dare to show the bleeding note", "no one asked after three years of cultivation, once I became famous all over the world"

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