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King of the three realms after the journey to the West

King of the three realms after the journey to the West

King of the three realms after the journey to the West

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    King of the three realms after the journey to the West
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    Happy hall owner
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2022-05-24 22:43:37
After learning scriptures from the west, he defeated the Buddha after a thousand years, was ordered to conquer the demon world, and died in the last battle with the demon king. Thus, a series of truths gradually surfaced. Due to the death of fighting Buddha, the monkey king, the great sage of Qi heaven, who was imprisoned in the depths of Jiuyou, returned safely the Millennium Jiuyou not only made Wukong fully understand, but also greatly increased his strength. After coming out, he began to layout and prepare to fight against the saints. In the process, he had a knowledge of his previous life and this life, slowly awakened and learned that he had the mission of saving the world. On the way to complete the mission, he was accompanied by many brothers, all of whom were capable people. And along the way, Wukong is not confused in the heart, not trapped in love, not afraid of the future, not thinking about the past, only for ordinary people Wukong and all the fairies and Buddhas believe that the demon world is a chess board set by saints. All forces send pieces to enter, hoping to win the final victory in this chess game. However, in the end, it was found that this chess game was a middle game, which was the overall situation laid by the ancient saints in order to eliminate the hidden dangers of the three worlds and save the world. The key to the overall situation is that "Monkey King, the great sage of heaven and the earth"! on the way to completing his mission, Monkey King will gradually uncover the purpose of the westward journey and the war of God sealing, and finally reveal the truth of why the saints and great gods such as Pangu, Nuwa, zhurong, Chiyou and Gonggong disappeared in this world

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