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Da Qin planting order

Da Qin planting order

Da Qin planting order

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    Da Qin planting order
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    Lime Taoist
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    Wine Novel
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2023-03-18 21:27:23
In the first year of Taishi, Qin VI was obsessed with Tao in order to live a long life in the court, the demon Princess of Penglai charms you, forms parties for personal gain, and suppresses dissidents among the people, demons are rampant, taking the grass as the enemy and occupying the mountain as the king some swordsmen draw swords to express their grievances, and some swordsmen shine in the cold light of Kyushu, just for the sake of heaven and earth in the 16th year of Taishi, Liu Xiaorong woke up and became the sacrificial spirit of Wolong village being in the world of mortals surging in this undercurrent, Liu Xiaorong decided to stay in Wolong village first and develop farming order many years later, Wolong woke up and startled the sky the great Qin dynasty fell apart, the great wall collapsed, and the heroes competed for hegemony Liu Xiaorong stood in front of the iron cavalry of the ten thousand armies. As soon as he raised his hand, three thousand sword immortals roared out and dropped fire and thunder all over the sky "everybody, times have changed!"

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