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I put an entry for the skill

I put an entry for the skill

I put an entry for the skill

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    I put an entry for the skill
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    Bamboo room
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    Weixin Book
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2022-06-23 17:29:16
The lowest order nanowork stick the cultivation acceleration entry and the increase physical quality entry to wash and refine to the highest red quality... Congratulations on obtaining the top level "wind and thunder forging yuan classic" there is no magic formula for attacking and killing take out the "breeze skill" replace the power weakening entry with a power bonus of 100% replace the speed weakening entry with a speed bonus of 100% ... Congratulations on obtaining the top level "Xun Feng formula"... Life (Zu) played a joke on Zhou Ji and asked him to reborn in the cultivation world with a system called skill editor life and luck felt that it was not enough, so they arranged a blind daughter for Zhou Ji fate said, well, it's reliable. So the star exploration team discovered the Milky way a hundred light-years away therefore, in order to complete the 10.0 version of his little broken ball return to the cultivation universe plan, Zhou Ji, who was originally a salted fish, took his daughter on the road of struggle and cultivation

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