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Singing by sword

Singing by sword

Singing by sword

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    Singing by sword
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    Zhi Chenfu boat
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    Woske Novel
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2022-06-23 17:58:17
"What is a sword?" keep order and kindness: a sword is a sword. I cut everything in the world with one sword keep order and be neutral: the sword is also the sword, and the sword is crazy. The Xia is arrogant all over the world keep order and evil: take a sword with a blade and attack Jiuzhou and ten countries with 18 weapons neutral and kind: my heart has no sword, so the sword comes from my heart absolute neutrality: everything belongs to the sword and everything has its own way. Kendo is natural neutral evil: only when the body is forged with a sword and tempered for thousands of times can the spirit run through the rainbow chaos and kindness: take a sword, hold heaven and earth, and cut off the world chaos and neutrality: life and death turn into swords, and Chaowen Mu reincarnates the creatures of this world chaos and evil: a sword without a sword is a sword without anything. The sword meaning is natural "what about you?" Ji Xian, who is embracing two peerless swords, is focused by everyone.

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