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Pipa sword song

Pipa sword song

Pipa sword song

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    Pipa sword song
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    Pipa sword
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    Beauty Read
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2023-03-19 17:11:36
Guitarist Hua Ge travels through time and space and dreams of golden goblins and iron horses. He has peerless martial arts but dare not use them. The legend of Pipa and meteor sword is like a nightmare. The death of the God of war hides a political wave, which is also the secret of the Han Empire the continuation of the contradictions in the Jianghu, the axis of the political vortex and the hegemony attribute of the sword involve the rise and fall of powerful families, life and death and the havoc in the Jianghu the royal family and relatives, the battlefield and the Jianghu, the mainland and isolated islands, the ancient town to the sea, the Taihang of Qinling Mountains to the Tiankeng underground palace, in such a vast territory, the gathering of heroes is just a stepping stone for wild flowers and grass pure and ice beautiful chivalrous women, clever servant girls, cute and kind little medical women, confused sword makers, obedient heroic Rangers, flattering greedy generals, stone hearted and iron bellied alliance leaders, etc. are all destined to fall into a vortex. In the face of interests, the boundary between good and evil is blurred, and everyone reveals their nature. They will go all the way, seek no profit, and seek no plan the romantic years of dancing with the tiger are traced back and the thinking is curved the court spy of Eagle stinging snake plate and the ancestor of royal guards from sweeping the Huns in the desert to breaking the red sword in the Jianghu, from cold human body fighting to officialdom conspiracy; From Yuanguang period of the Western Han Dynasty to the fourth year of the Taichu period, to the second year of Zhenghe, until the earth shaking Witch and insect riots the crafty scholar in the coppersmith shop accidentally became a Ranger leader. The grass-roots cloth clothes rubbed by the drugstore and the arrogant Mantis stood in the way. He could not be dragged down, beaten to death, reborn from nirvana, and finally became the last straw to save the country of the Great Han he escaped from the tsunami, pioneered and built the island in a childish way, counter attacked and became a tiger Minister of the Great Han Dynasty, sought hegemony overseas, led his teachers to return to the dynasty, never lost his loyalty and never died!

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