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Practice begins with deciphering documents

Practice begins with deciphering documents

Practice begins with deciphering documents

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    Practice begins with deciphering documents
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2023-01-27 21:05:01
Many years ago, some ancient books with special characters were found in the deep ancient ruins, which were named deep ancient documents the coincidence of organic fate successfully deciphered the literature, so he mastered the ability beyond imagination and became an immortal figure like calling the wind and rain for a time, the world flocked to it, and profound ancient prose was regarded as a miracle countless years later, a graduate student in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences came to this era, became a diplomat, and successfully cracked the secrets of profound ancient texts [di... You found the origin of the world and tried to input... Input successfully] [five thousand words of Laozi] [quality: Legend - childhood] [Companion: Kingdom of consciousness] [category: Xubai · castration Mao] [skill 1: Tao can be extraordinary. Name can be extraordinary name] [status: growing... Meditation can be triggered] [Description: you can name anything you observe and randomly obtain at least one data from the other party. You ignore the difference in strength, are not affected by numerology skills, are not bound by regular skills, and any skills are unknown, traceable and nameless to you] [skill 2: mysterious and mysterious, the door of all mysteries] [status: under seal] [skill 3: Tao generates one, life two, two generates three, three generates all things] [status: under seal] [skill 4: man follows earth, earth follows heaven, heaven follows Tao, and Tao follows nature] [status: under seal] [skill 5: Heaven and earth are unkind, and all things are ruminant dogs] [status: under seal] for a time, [Mengxi pen talk] [Qi Min's Essentials] [compendium of Materia Medica], [Tiangong Kaiwu], [sanmingtong meeting], [Atlas of the sea country]... Countless cultural treasures have created an extraordinary era in which hundreds of schools of thought contend!

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