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Core conclusion

Core conclusion

Core conclusion

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    Core conclusion
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2022-06-20 07:51:11
Whenever someone asks Bai Guiling, do you regret catching the bullet train to the imperial capital. Bai Guiling's answer is always, No because that trip to the imperial capital made her walk a lot, meet a lot of things and meet a lot of people when she was ignorant, she fought with the captain of the Royal Guard in the air, calmed the mania of giant animals in the most important traffic artery of the Empire, hit the face of aristocrats, kicked the beggar's bowl, and cheated the hottest stars when she was in Mingli, she carried the artillery of the border guards and saved a city with the lowest factory employees. Talk wildly about those who can't win, and repent desperately about those who can't be saved. Standing on the most prosperous street, I have seen the most terrible people when she was most mature, she experienced a war, stood on the battlefield doomed to failure with the greatest people, suffered the most hurtful betrayal and was most strongly encouraged. Walking among the ruins of war, I couldn't find a place to pray finally, at the end of this land, which is silent no matter what happens, Bai Guiling took a step as usual this is her story, the story of Bai Guiling (Mengxin is on the road. For a brief introduction to the disabled, please see the text)

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