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Battle of the Milky way 2 - Capone

Battle of the Milky way 2 - Capone

Battle of the Milky way 2 - Capone

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    Battle of the Milky way 2 - Capone
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    Muxue Yaoxi
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    Wine Novel
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2022-09-05 07:42:02
Ten years ago, Xinghe successfully opened the Empire and solved the earth's energy problem. But will it really be that simple to open the Empire... ten years later, the barrier between the underworld and the present world collapsed, and a large number of powers came back from the dead. The new world is opening up, and the level of powers has reached a new level... the leader of the Star Alliance has been assassinated, the internal cards of the Star Alliance have been shuffled, and the undercurrent is surging, and the world will usher in a new catastrophe... shenmeteor Pavilion and Mingyu have been rebuilt one after another, and more new organizations are slowly taking action... on the other hand, Gu enthalpy, who claims to be a survivor of the kapon family, met the resurrected Yuanyu and became his student, Join the Star River to help the Capone family rise against the evil forces. But what will he face if his life experience becomes a mystery Where will his future, the future of Capone's family and the future of the world go?

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