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A warrior of the detective world

A warrior of the detective world

A warrior of the detective world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 34160 ratings
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    A warrior of the detective world
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    Bald saint
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    Redhouse Novel
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2023-05-28 12:28:27
My name is Xingye Kong, my sister Gong Zi, my sister RI, my cousin Sui Xiang, my neighbor Dr. a Li, my high school classmate Xiaobu ... Kudo Shinichi: Watson, who can be called a detective in today's world Xingye sky: Uncle Maori Shinichi Kudo: poof, the uncle who can catch a dog, find a cat and investigate an affair? At best, he is a third rate detective Xingye sky: service department level Shinichi Kudo: who is that? I haven't heard of it. I don't even have a reputation. How can I be a detective Xingye sky: MaoMu distant history, gun field Yumei Shinichi Kudo: these two have really become famous for a long time, but they have solved less than half of my cases. They are first-class detectives Xingye sky: is it me Kudo Shinichi: cough, at best, you're just like Uncle fifty-five Xingye Kong: Er... Is that detective you Shinichi Kudo: Yes, I'm a detective! Clear away evil and restore the truth. Even if I suffer from the dark blow, I will illuminate the world... Akong, come on!

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