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King Zhou spared his life

King Zhou spared his life

King Zhou spared his life

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    King Zhou spared his life
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    View the moon through the sea
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    365 Books
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2023-02-04 01:37:36
[you can look at chapters 65, 66 and 82 first, and then look back at Chapter 1] after the Yin and Shang Dynasties, there was no king; Since Zhou Dynasty, they have all been called the son of heaven during the Fengshen war, the Terran was like a mole ant; After the Fengshen war, the heavenly Dao palm reincarnated a soul of later generations came to the Fengshen world and became emperor Xin of Shang Dynasty. He knew that there was an ancient dark yellow scroll in the sea that was chased and killed by Tiandao, and he also became [lightning prone constitution +] watching the plot of Tiandao saints see the Terran step by step into the abyss seeing him rise high-rise buildings in the Western Zhou Dynasty, feast guests, compromise with the sky, attack merchants and prosper the Zhou Dynasty "no, the fate of the human race should be controlled by the king of man! The great commercial world should be controlled by the king of Shang!" this book is also known as "I have the art of cutting heaven", "I want to be the emperor of God", "the history of my struggle with the thief God", "teach you how to become a big man" and "the saints are ignorant"

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