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Magicians must be elegant

Magicians must be elegant

Magicians must be elegant

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    Magicians must be elegant
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    Night thorn
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    The One Book
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2023-01-25 12:18:43
It's not our race. Their hearts must be different. Except the Terran, all other races should be damned. They dare to invade the earth "in fact, I think the earth should reflect on itself. Why do others always invade the earth instead of invading other places? Are they too coquettish at ordinary times and attract the attention of other races?" Ye Feng said, his voice fell, and the soup on the plate sputtered again, flying towards his clothes as if attracted by some inexplicable attraction, Silently left a little oil stain on his clothes... a thick cross green vein appeared on Ye Feng's forehead with the naked eye... mutant Orc: Blood awakened, naturally strong, disgusted with the epidemic family. It may get sick and diarrhea. It regards the human family as food, has no sense of the mechanical family, and can't eat Mechanical family: it has extremely advanced mechanical technology, mechanical technology, space technology, energy technology and alloy technology. Despise the epidemic family, think that the disgusting flesh and blood research of the epidemic family is very low, despise the Terran, and only steal their technology plague clan (Holy clan): biochemical technology, flesh and blood life has been transformed into the life of the plague clan. They hate the mechanical clan, think that the mechanical clan is a garbage race with no use at all, and think that all other flesh and blood races are reserve members of the plague clan energy life: a special race, without flesh and blood, has a strong consciousness, controls energy, almost ignores physical attacks, and thinks highly of itself.

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