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It s unreasonable to start with a sword

It s unreasonable to start with a sword

It s unreasonable to start with a sword

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    It s unreasonable to start with a sword
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    Sit and watch the ice wheel
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    Qishi Book
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2023-05-26 04:07:44
This book is reasonable as far as possible, but because it is the same as humanities and belongs to secondary creation, some places should try to fit with the original works, such as the battle of cangyunling, the observation group of Jin Sui army, Yamamoto Yimu and Ping'an County. These things, ah, are not in history, so see clearly that they are the same as humanities and not in conflict the following is a brief introduction of the anti bar essence. The materials of this book are from books such as Changzhi old revolutionary area, Atlas of Shanxi Province, 60 years of Changzhi highway and Yangquan old revolutionary area. They can be read in the local history reading room on the third floor of Shanxi Provincial Library at present, the only designated Q group is 323177627. Anyone who likes chatting can come in and play PS: the protagonist is positioned as logistics personnel and rarely goes to the battlefield, but it does not mean that there is no war plot. Indeed, it is just a few, and there is no brainless cool. Each battle is a historical battle or a more reasonable battle in the original book. The author will add it as appropriate. Chapter 20-32 protagonist's sense of existence PS PS: no bars, no bars. Small unscrupulous white whores also need bars. How do you tell the author to live?

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