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    Listen to my brother's advice
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2022-08-06 07:41:54
Set your mind for heaven and earth and set your life for the people continue the unique knowledge of the past, and open the peace of the world the light shines and keeps the heart, and the heavens are in chaos who can be arbitrary forever when the school falls north, the great general Xingyao Where is the final destination the way of heaven lost heart and broke into clouds thousands of people are killed, and their lives are like ants what kind of heart should a person have in order to prove the heavenly heart with his own heart what kind of mana do you need to have to save people with your own body zhengmenglu an epic about the heavens and the world it's a competition about the heart of heaven preaching born against the current between dark and strange surges dominate ups and downs in the impermanence of the sky in the conversation and laughter of Xingxiu ginseng, the waves are meaningful and amazing forever although the protagonist Li Yifeng was born in troubled times, he was born free from the nuisance of war. Just because he is a "man", hundreds of millions of compatriots are still in deep water. No bloody man can choose to turn a blind eye. So he resolutely embarked on the journey

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