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Mechanical flight from Earth

Mechanical flight from Earth

Mechanical flight from Earth

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2209 ratings
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    Mechanical flight from Earth
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    Aurora Borealis
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There are countless intelligent civilizations in the vast universe Magic, science and technology, psionics, cultivation of truth, genes... Every civilization has its own way of using energy, and Lin Yang, who was born on earth, is a level 29 mechanic at the critical moment of his promotion to immortality, he was besieged by the enemy and finally fell short fortunately, he was reborn and crossed back to the mother planet earth more than 600 years ago Everything starts from scratch, and this time, he will personally experience the rise of the great Galactic Federation ------ "the weak memory metal body can't withstand the fist of Wu Sheng's 2000 years of kung fu..." "the neutron light spear on the warship is far less sharp than the Taoist skill of Da Luo Jinxian..." "hundreds of millions of intelligent and Mechanical legions are just a curse forbidden by the chaotic mage..." "in this life, I won't be a mechanic any more!" Said Lin Yang, who was deeply hurt. However, thinking of the mechanic's special system in his mind, he finally chose Zhenxiang.

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