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Sign in life from the county magistrate

Sign in life from the county magistrate

Sign in life from the county magistrate

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    Sign in life from the county magistrate
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    Dripping water drowns the city
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    Happy Read
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2023-06-02 04:44:05
This is a world where Jianghu and chaotang are juxtaposed. Shen Yu came through and became the magistrate of Bai'an county with a Xiake check-in system. As long as you uphold justice, you can sign in and get rewards the court and the Jianghu are like you. Being in the strange Jianghu, you can read all the dangers of the Jianghu. He also lives on the temples, makes decisions for the people and keeps his name in history punish the evil in the world and get unparalleled rewards! This is not only the struggle history of a small county magistrate, but also the road to the rise of Xiake... why arrest you? I don't mean anything else. I just want to sign it quietly. How can I sign in if I don't catch you? As for Xiake, that's really incidental

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