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Start by crossing into cannon fodder villains

Start by crossing into cannon fodder villains

Start by crossing into cannon fodder villains

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5743 ratings
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    Start by crossing into cannon fodder villains
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    A hundred Xiaosheng in the world
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    Hotel novel
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2022-09-23 08:41:33
Introduction to the orthodox version: the way of heaven is collapsing and evil beasts are everywhere some immortals look down on the world. They are drunk now there are Buddhists to help all living beings and Taoists to go down the mountain to eliminate demons I am Xie Chang'an. I am upright and full of poetry and Fu. What I have in mind is Haoran sword one day, the sword will come out I want to change the color of that world Introduction to the real version: My name is Xie Changan I crossed became the cannon fodder villain in the novel the protagonist will come in three days the system tells me to understand the supreme Kendo with my heart what should I do? Hurry [when you wave a wooden branch once, you feel the process of the air being gradually cut. You breathe it out carefully. With the sound of the sword, you understand the basic Kendo (constructed by 1%)] [you add a little Kendo, you have a little gain, Kendo structure + 1%] [you add a little Kendo, when you understand the Tao, Kendo structure + 10%] [you can add a little bit of Kendo to understand the best kendo. The sword rises in a day and soars in a day!!!] this book is also known as "I have ten thousand swords to break one law", "a move name at the beginning, the content depends on editing", "I am noble and upright, how can I do that kind of thing?! I thank someone for reading Chunqiu!" it is not a routine, not invincible flow, single female master or no female master

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