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War lord of reincarnation paradise

War lord of reincarnation paradise

War lord of reincarnation paradise

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    War lord of reincarnation paradise
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    Little devil Z
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2023-05-26 15:02:04
Samsara paradise responded to the call. Goofy became the hunter of samsara paradise. He entered the Arad continent and became a gunner. He studied the mechanics of Xinghai. How far is the future of heavy firearms knowledge is power, but the tuition fees are a little expensive... a group of people suddenly appeared on the battlefield, including strong men with high-tech battle armor and rocket sledgehammer, some women with sickles, handsome young Xia riding a white tiger and holding a silver long gun, A ninja with two ninjas on his back and a knife on his waist... there is also a madman with firearms - Heitong People's eyes were full of fear, and they turned around and ran away "robber group!" "they are robbers, run!" when the shell exploded, the people stopped and turned around goofy said faintly, "there's a deal to talk about with you..." how many angry things have the mercenaries, bandit adventure group and the largest arms chamber of Commerce of reincarnation paradise done here?

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