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The coming of the heavens: whirlpool Naruto ginseng

The coming of the heavens: whirlpool Naruto ginseng

The coming of the heavens: whirlpool Naruto ginseng

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    The coming of the heavens: whirlpool Naruto ginseng
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    I'm really fascinated
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    Bestcar read
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"Are you asking me to come? exotic boy." in the pure white light door, the handsome young man with blond hair and blue eyes stepped out slowly he bowed his head and calmly looked at the black haired boy kneeling at his feet in the distance, a giant with a height of tens of meters fell down. Opposite him, the evil god in the dark was roaring "please, be sure to save diga Altman! light, the light will disappear!" the sad and frightened boy narrowed his eyes, as if stimulated by the light of the pure white light door. He begged in a low voice, as if he had exhausted his strength "diga? and the evil god gatanjieu? interesting. however, compared with diga, maybe I can also be your light. then, the earth explosion star!" the blond youth slowly floated towards the giants and monsters in the distance, and his blue eyes turned into purple eyes in a moment among them, there are layers of black circles, noble and strange centered on the evil god gatanjieu, the ground cracked, and countless buildings, trees and sundries gathered towards him, and finally formed a sphere and floated into the air "who are you?" gatanjieu, the evil god who is about to be sealed as a star, roared. He stared at the blonde with unwilling eyes "those who come from the heavens. Whirlpool Naruto. see above!"

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