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Blunt sword: King of assassination

Blunt sword: King of assassination

Blunt sword: King of assassination

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    Blunt sword: King of assassination
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    Love to swim FNV
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    Light Novel
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2023-03-30 13:36:48
Different from the world of Tara, sword and magic coexist. Dage, a city that relies on the revival of science and technology in the desert, is a mysterious young man who came here with a mission, but inadvertently witnessed the mission of the killer organization "iron wing" and was chased and killed. In a desperate situation, Yin sneaked into and killed one of the iron wing killers, "Eagle", and then was favored by the leader of iron wing, "crow". Crow is determined to cultivate Yin Pei into a stronger killer than anyone in iron wing. Although Yin agreed to crow's request, with justice in mind, he was not ashamed to participate in the profitable assassination. A few years later, under pressure, he took the first list and arrested a murderer. Originally, it was not a difficult task, but he was involved in the conspiracy... the young girl Yue, who was originally a young lady of a rich merchant family, was shot and killed by a gang organization one night after her father's business failed. She and her mother were caught as commodities to pay off their debts, Just as the devil's claw was about to reach her and her mother, a flying knife stabbed the leader of the gangster organization in the throat, and the young assassin broke in. With the short sword and flying knife in his hand, he solved all the gangsters present. Yue was saved, but her mother was hard to live because of serious injury. When she was about to die, Yue's mother entrusted Yue to the strange young assassin in front of her... (this article is a special part of the author's other novel tararia: Heaven chooses Gemini, which tells how Yin became a dark sword step by step after he left the moon worship church in his childhood)

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