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Rebirth system return

Rebirth system return

Rebirth system return

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    Rebirth system return
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    Autumn rain and dawn
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    Wine Novel
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2023-05-26 11:12:31
The protagonist Qingfeng doesn't know why he died before he died, but the system tells him that it can make him start over again. As a result, when Qingfeng died, he did come to his childhood. Qingfeng didn't know that he would go according to what would have happened? Or what the next step is to explain what the protagonist and supporting actor want to say Qingfeng: "I want to save the world, Chong duck!" Qingyuan: "Qingfeng, I am your friend, so I will try my best to protect you and try not to let others talk about you." code a: "among our three brothers, I like playing best. Because playing in me is an indispensable part of my life." code B: "Among our three brothers, I actually like eating, drinking and having fun. But unlike the silly boy in front of me, I haven't done anything serious except playing all day." code C: "I'm indifferent to life and death. If I don't accept it, I'll do it! If I can fight, I'll fight, but if I can't fight, I'll run." (there are so many updates at present, and we will continue to fill in what other protagonists and supporting actors want to say later. I don't know what the code ABC should be named. I'll change the code to a name when I think about it next time.)

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