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Autumn kindness of painting demon

Autumn kindness of painting demon

Autumn kindness of painting demon

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    Autumn kindness of painting demon
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    Brother, mouse seat
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    Pc Books
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2022-05-14 05:11:35
It's night, wind and rain, thunder and fire, and no abnormality of the world is allowed to come to the world the Zhuge family has a daughter Qiu Ci, but she rescued an ancient painting from the thunder fire since this day, strange things have happened one after another in the ancient house on a sunny day, there is thunder and dark clouds the ancestral home has accumulated water, the wall has fallen and the blade is sharp... Even man-made disasters, smearing, abandoning, burning and tearing... they all have one purpose, that is to destroy the painting it was not until one day that Qiu CI understood why... "painting... Is alive!"

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