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The ground is covered with yellow flowers

The ground is covered with yellow flowers

The ground is covered with yellow flowers

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    The ground is covered with yellow flowers
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    Peach crane hyz
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    Free Trial Novel
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2023-04-22 20:35:14
Several young men and women's love stories about love, growth, work and struggle after graduating from university ten years later... "I think of a place called Hongyuan," Chunhe said "Hongyuan?" "yes. It is a very quiet place. There is no worry, no deception, no hatred, no competition... It is especially suitable for seclusion." "where?" Chunhe took out a map of China like a flying rooster, put it on the table, pointed to a landmark on the east coast and said: "Hongyuan, right here. Looking at the sea in the East, backed by green mountains, there are rivers, valleys, grasslands, forests, small towns and villages..." "Oh, let me see!" Gu Yun leaned over, squinted, aimed at the tiny landmark and asked, "Hongyuan, is it a small town?" "Yes. It's a beautiful place where the sun rises every day. There are many villages in the town. In the village, there are solid wooden ancient attics that can live in the rain and the sun. The villagers are high-quality freelancers who have lived for many years and have never had a public security accident. They don't need the control of the police. They do their own things and are happy." "When I was young, I dreamed that I would be able to recite poems and Fu like Li Bai and Du Fu..." Chunhe fell into memory. "what should I do when I have no money and can't afford to eat?" Gu Yun asked. "it's not easy to do?" Chunhe smiled. "Let's open a small bookstore in the town to sell books. If it doesn't work, I'll set up a stall on the side of the road to sell calligraphy and subsidies."

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