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Son of Yu in the late Han Dynasty

Son of Yu in the late Han Dynasty

Son of Yu in the late Han Dynasty

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    Son of Yu in the late Han Dynasty
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    Cultivation of life
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    Yipin Books
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2023-03-18 20:30:38
A physics expert of this new century was knocked unconscious by a beam when he was worshiping his ancestors. When he woke up, he found that he had become Duan you, the young son of Duan Gu, the assassin of Liangzhou in the late Han Dynasty the family was excluded by the aristocratic family, and he took over the family industry and was ruined by the original owner. Seeing that there was another yellow scarf uprising and Liangzhou was about to rebel, Duan you used the knowledge of modern people to help his father out of trouble again and again but Dad's foolish loyalty to the Han Dynasty and the self-interest of modern people are constantly entangled. He clearly sees the general trend, but he is still worried about moving forward hard after many years, Duan you sighed, "I'm just worried about Duan's incense. Who knows it's not easy!"

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