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I don t want to be the pirate king Huoying

I don t want to be the pirate king Huoying

I don t want to be the pirate king Huoying

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    I don t want to be the pirate king Huoying
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    Gu Qingju
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    Sky Book
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2023-03-19 02:42:03
As we all know, pirate is a modifier, and Wang Huoying is given the title of the strongest policeman Lin Wei is not a pirate and doesn't want to be Wang Huoying, because he knows that he doesn't have a pirate... Wang Lufei can stretch his body at will, open four gears, and based on the magical ability of rubber fruit. There is no one to protect the blood of the royal family, super spiritual power and indomitable will. Nor can it mutate into a Super Saiyan with all kinds of colors. Not to mention the fact that Qiao's family has been handed down from generation to generation... Big Qiao, two Qiao and three, four, five and six Qiao all have the gentlemanly demeanor. There is no weasel brother of Er Gouzi and Naruto's fire shadow father. There is no cat robot to save the big bear and its Baibao pocket. If you think of master laitong's flying operation in the game and his beautiful girlfriend, you will be ashamed. Furthermore, master Allen, who can be rated as the best director and editor, can become a giant by biting his finger, can give his heart at any time, let alone mix up. More importantly, he thinks that the other side of the sea is still the sea. The last fatal blow, look at Tiger's physical fitness to break various world records in seconds, and Xia Mu's grandmother who beat all the invincible hands in the demon world. What comparison does he take none of the above characters will appear around Lin Wei, an orphan with average IQ and popularity. The only thing they have in common, perhaps, is the aura of the protagonist who is neither visible nor touched, and then rush to the shelves to be an inexplicable Savior young man, go and create a myth come to this black planet full of silence, this is your era.

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