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Scattered all over the world

Scattered all over the world

Scattered all over the world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1315 ratings
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    Scattered all over the world
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    Wind eaves
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    Long Novel
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2022-06-23 17:46:18
The battle of the immortals destroyed the mortal town of Qingye town. Yu Wen fled in panic under the leadership of his parents. Unfortunately, he was separated on the way. Fortunately, an old man took him away and handed him a fairy art. However, the old man came from another world. Yu literature came to the fairies of another world system. The different systems made his way of cultivating immortals quite different from those in this world. In order to achieve the goal of soaring, he made a great wish to go down all over the world, deal with all kinds of people, and try to survive more severe disasters one after another this book is derived from the tail left at the end of the last novel "Heaven robbing and refining immortals", but this book is completely independent, and it has no influence without reading the previous one. This book tries different styles of writing. In addition, because the code is written only when you are interested in it in your spare time, the update may be a little slow, but you must ensure that there is a beginning and an end.

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