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I m not a bastard on the list

I m not a bastard on the list

I m not a bastard on the list

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    I m not a bastard on the list
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    Jasmine honey tea
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2023-06-04 05:25:12
My girlfriend is very cute, urban love article. Interested brothers can come and have a look< br>_______________________________________________ [League E-sports text] + [daily] "if you can win by mixing, who wants to C do it?" this is Lin Nan's summary of three years of listing in EDG I've been mixed for three years. I can't do anything. I'm the first to get sick. Lin Nan, known as "LPL's best menu", was finally kicked out of the team by edg woo woo, EDG, wait. I'll make you regret it "I want C, I want blood C, I want sky C!" Lin Nan, who came to the new team, made up his mind to become the strongest single wait, what freaks are there in this new team Zhongdan is so fierce, which slaughterhouse came out ADC is actually a beautiful girl, but can you stop being so cold it's handsome to help you grow handsome, but are you talkative? If I say one, you can't wait to say ten What's more hateful is that you snore too much when you sleep alas, Lin Nan sighed. Is it really the right choice to come to this team?

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