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Break: the beginning becomes the way of heaven

Break: the beginning becomes the way of heaven

Break: the beginning becomes the way of heaven

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    Break: the beginning becomes the way of heaven
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    Choose a day to cross the robbery
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    Happy Read
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2023-03-19 23:28:50
Do you know what it's like to wake up and hang up? There is one, but he is special. Yun Yi woke up and went through the "world of breaking through the sky". He threatened and lured a guy who claimed to be the avenue. He had to accept this job. He did not become any member of the eight nationalities or a flesh and blood creature in the fighting spirit continent, but became the way of breaking through heaven and the controller of breaking through, Yunyi: haha... Haha, the strong man fighting the emperor is so terrible that he can only serve me, "Yun Yi looked at the creatures in the world he controlled, at the immortal emperors in the immortal realm, and was nostalgic for the female emperors who didn't want to become immortals in the world of mortals just to wait for one person to return. He watched which boy in black with a huge ruler went to the so-called three-year appointment, watched the boy with a rune not afraid of hardship, just to give his father a fair proof that his family was not waste, looked at the girl who was killed The young man in Jiulong's coffin went to his unknown place, looking at the monkey jumping out of the stone, he couldn't bear to live by the calculations of Taoism and Buddhism, looking at the lucky children and people with rough fate in the world of heaven, Yunyi secretly said: I will change your original destiny. Yunyi looked at countless masters, immortal emperors, saints, Lord gods, etc ... a smile on the exposed part of Yun Yi, "" let's see how Yun Yi reveals the true truth of the endless universe step by step, and see what the super controller behind this is sacred "" pay tribute to all the great gods of the original works "

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