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I, Professor legend, was exposed by yearning

I, Professor legend, was exposed by yearning

I, Professor legend, was exposed by yearning

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    I, Professor legend, was exposed by yearning
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    Cloud and air
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    Wine Novel
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2022-09-23 12:10:27
Ye Yi, the youngest and most talented associate professor in the history of the Imperial Academy of drama, chose to live in seclusion in the countryside after great changes in his family Ye Yi's relatives, friends, teachers and seniors are always looking for his whereabouts several years later, among the students he once taught, Hu Gecheng was named the film emperor for his well-known good actors. Tong Liya and Yang Mi were the top first and second tier actresses. Because several golden songs he wrote helped President Zhou become popular, and his script farewell my concubine has also become a classic in film history... when the "yearning" program group stepped into the countryside, Tong Liya and gulinaza came to a small private manor. Ye Yi, who had disappeared for several years, was seen through by Tong Liya at a glance...... PS: recommend an urban book called "travel starts from the cool land". The style is relaxed and leisurely. You can go and have a look if you are interested~

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