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Hong Huang: how can I be invincible after death?

Hong Huang: how can I be invincible after death?

Hong Huang: how can I be invincible after death?

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    Hong Huang: how can I be invincible after death?
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    Green demon pupil
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    Garden Novel
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2023-01-27 16:52:41
Ye Changqing crossed the flood and became the first disciple of Tongtian cult in order to meet the coming fengshenliang robbery, he was forced to preach in advance in the process of achieving mixed yuan by demonstrating Tao, he was bitten by the Tao of heaven, seriously injured and died soon before he died, the system suddenly woke up as long as he made up a mysterious past before his death, it can come true after his death [I once swallowed the stars, absorbed the sun and the moon, cherished the universe and evolved the world. The world calls me the master of Hongmeng.] [I once calmed cholera, killed the dark fairy king, stepped on the nine days, blocked the long river of time and ruled for all ages!] [I once reincarnated for all ages and transcended life and death. Whoever recites my real name will see eternal life in reincarnation!] when everyone thought it was just his imagination before he died, Fengshen Liang robbery suddenly broke out what ye Changqing said also came true one by one although Ye Changqing was dead, he could still lay out the ancient layout and stir up the flood and famine situation until one day the ten thousand immortals array was broken, the ten thousand immortals were taught to recite his real name together, and he walked three thousand roads against the long river of time.

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