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Dream chasing: the tide rises in the Bay

Dream chasing: the tide rises in the Bay

Dream chasing: the tide rises in the Bay

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    Dream chasing: the tide rises in the Bay
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    Lin xiaze
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    Beauty Read
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2022-08-09 01:48:50
There is a spirit, into endless there is a dream that flowers bloom in Pengcheng there is an unstoppable tide the wind and clouds are surging, and the tide rises from the big bay the Qianfan race, a vast social change, started in this small fishing village and collided with an unprecedented wave of reform this is an era of great change someone stood at the air outlet and embraced the trend some people are eliminated and abandoned by the times moving from the countryside to the city, leaving the hometown facing the Loess and facing the sky, the personal destiny and the rise and fall of the family are closely connected with the desolation and prosperity of the new city, sharing weal and woe it coincides with the golden age. Times and opportunities compose the dream of youth keep pace with history and share a common destiny with the times Qi Chuang creates the Dawan spirit of the great era on this affectionate land.

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