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Heavens: from the burial of the Qing Dynasty

Heavens: from the burial of the Qing Dynasty

Heavens: from the burial of the Qing Dynasty

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    Heavens: from the burial of the Qing Dynasty
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    vow to annihilate the rebels
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    Wind Book
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2023-01-27 14:41:35
At the end of the great Zhao Dynasty, demons rose and disappeared. The evil spirits set foot in the Central Plains. China's momentum declined, and Hu moved into China on the occasion of an unprecedented change in 1500 years, young Li Yuan took Zu Longzhu across the world, captured the dragon spirit of ten dynasties, gathered heroes from all over the world, built a power gang and became an immortal imperial industry during this season, Li Yuan acted as the overlord and the enemy of the world. The emperor's Dragon Fist shocked the three religions in Kyushu, and the body of the real dragon will never be destroyed. He wrote an immortal legend of the emperor... PS: World Order: Lu Ding Ji: I am the burying man of the Qing Dynasty Yitian: I am the terminator of Dayuan: No. 1 in the world: I am the ZTE of the Ming Dynasty: Tianlong Babu: I am the Redeemer of the Song Dynasty bad man: I am the founder of the later Tang Dynasty: biography of the two dragons of the Tang Dynasty: I am the tomb digger of the Sui Dynasty: ... the world changes one by one, the rise and fall of history from generation to generation, I witness and conquer!

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