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Daqin: the pusher behind Ying Zheng

Daqin: the pusher behind Ying Zheng

Daqin: the pusher behind Ying Zheng

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    Daqin: the pusher behind Ying Zheng
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    Six degree meditation
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    Cool Novel
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2022-01-17 06:46:55
Why did Ying Zheng become an eternal emperor? That's because Ying Zheng has a teacher why Qin wuii? I stole the fortune of the Qin emperor Why build a nine story demon tower? That's because Ying Zheng wants to become an immortal Why didn't Ying Zheng fly? I stole Ying Zheng's chance... in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, Xianfan was about to be blocked the immortal gate lays down the main road to reap the wishes of the world the underworld gate maneuvers to reap the souls of the world the demon gate promotes war and reaps human blood essence the demon gate seals the channel to harvest the worldly aura in this era of blood and fire, destruction and rebirth, civilization and purgatory, How can there be a quiet time that's because I'm carrying a load.

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