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Medieval: bloody rose

Medieval: bloody rose

Medieval: bloody rose

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    Medieval: bloody rose
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    Passion Novel
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2022-01-22 00:00:53
This is England struggling in blood and fire in the bloody duel between Lancaster and York, no English nobleman can stay out of it this is an era when the crown falls and the nobility falls. No matter how noble you are, it doesn't help the Betrayer betrays his relatives, and the regicide is also killed by others. Endless revenge and betrayal until the red and white roses become dust "Elizabeth, marry me!" "I will." the woman he loved most in his life was lost in the war "have you seen my Elizabeth? Elizabeth of the Woodville family." "the queen of the new King Edward?" in despair, he put on the red rose representing Lancaster again "Knights of Northumberland, loyal ministers scattered in Lancaster, friends of Scotland, I need you, and the Kingdom needs you. I, William, count of Northumberland, swear in the name of God that I will take back everything that belongs to you." the huge army is gathering in annick City, and William finally waits for the person he wants to see most: "Warwick, the king maker, have you finally made up your mind to dye the white rose on your chest red?"

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