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I have civilization in my mind

I have civilization in my mind

I have civilization in my mind

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    I have civilization in my mind
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    Buy a gourd wine
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    Ethical Novel
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There was a planet in my mind when I reborn the practice world this wild planet is rich in materials and beautiful environment. It is still in the period of ignorance while saving primitive humans, guide their evolutionary direction this is not just a god mode farming game Li Jing found that the time flow rate here is different from the reality after a year of practicing in Bluestar, the practice world has only passed one day rich cultivation resources can be used at will. When others refine pills, they are terrified and afraid of being destroyed Li Jing has refined hundreds of stoves at will when someone has just refined for three days, he has been refining pills in Bluestar for three years the advantage of Bluestar has just begun to take off more wonderful stories are in the text please read more and comment more.

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