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A star river,

A star river,

A star river,

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    A star river,
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    Only drink Wahaha's meow
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-15 20:23:30
As human science and technology become more and more powerful, they gradually go out of their parent star and enter the universe for development. As of today, mankind has mastered more than 30 planets. In the past thousands of years, human beings have obtained power from the depths of the universe - power through the turbulence of time and space with the development of the millennium, the human power system has been built, from level 1 to level 99 in 3571 of the Xuanyuan period, the largest turbulence of time and space in history came. However, it brought a large number of cosmic viruses and human disasters - evil gods. When evil spirits came, they slaughtered human beings with their powerful power. Human beings did their best. Countless strong people attacked them together and finally defeated them. As everyone knows, in the void, a blood red eye has opened. The story of evil eyed youth has just begun.

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