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There is an instrument in the world

There is an instrument in the world

There is an instrument in the world

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    There is an instrument in the world
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    Xun Hu
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2023-03-21 07:54:24
At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the Huangchao war broke out, and the heroes all over the world rose together. The vassal regime was divided, with ups and downs, and the people were unable to make a living. He escaped from the war with his mother and sister, but was chased and killed by random soldiers. His mother died miserably to protect them, but his sister was robbed by thieves. He was stunned by an arrow. He was accidentally saved by an expert from the hidden world and worshipped under the gate of ghost valley. In the chaos of war, he watched the changes, kept his hands on his books and studied hard. He gradually grew up. He was deep, resolute and ambitious. He learned a strong skill in the mountain. Because of the misdeeds of Mingmen and others, Wudang disciple Xiao Yuanyi sent a letter to Zhongnan mountain to get to know him. Shangguan Feiyu is determined to serve the country, conquer the Central Plains and eliminate troubled times the war in the world is becoming more and more fierce, the political situation is changing rapidly, and the powerful and powerful in the world are divided into different regimes one after another. There are many people claiming to be kings and emperors. Zhu Wen, Li Keyong, Li Maozhen, Wang Jian and other forces compete for power. A villain seeks his body, a gentleman seeks his country, and a great husband seeks the world. Those who maneuver are the way of heaven and earth. Let's look at heroes and righteous men, powerful officials, heroines and prodigal children; Conspiracy and love, revenge and redemption, power and freedom, darkness and light. Everyone who is in it has become a fierce chess player in the world chess game. As a descendant of ghost Valley, he has six strategies, three strategies, endless changes, array and troops, unpredictable, turning the world around, holding black and white, promoting the chess game and launching the life and death duel of the peak game.

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