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Pirate s white bone throne

Pirate s white bone throne

Pirate s white bone throne

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8386 ratings
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    Pirate s white bone throne
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    Forgetful leek
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    Daily Novel
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The first half of the great route, a remote desert island "I've heard a saying that one general's success will wither all bones!" "thousands of bones are withered. It's so scary." "but..." a sound the wine cup in your hand is held high, and the wine in the cup exudes blood like color "... For greater benefit!" "I wish you all a smooth sailing in the Navy!" "cheers, gentlemen!"... East China Sea, a floating island after breaking his legs, Shiji, the golden lion, successfully escaped from the propulsion city. At this time, he was trampled under his feet like a dead dog "anger?" "no! No! No!" "Captain skey, you need to know --" "if you live, you will die sooner or later." "but if you die, you will live forever!"... top war "if someone wants to continue fighting, I will be his opponent!" the disorderly entry of the red haired pirate group gives enough vitality to the remaining evils of the white bearded Pirate Group however, just when people thought that the top war was over, a clear voice resounded over marinfando "red haired Pirate Group?" "it's very valuable ~" "so... " marshal of the Warring States period, please prepare Bailey enough to pay for the head of the fourth emperor pirate! "... ... PS: this book is also called "how to drag a good friend named sakaski into the water" this is a story of joy (cross out) / joy... the protagonist is a proper sunshine boy ~ / / / manual dog head to save his life!

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