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Canon of full-time mages

Canon of full-time mages

Canon of full-time mages

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    Canon of full-time mages
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    A fat man who likes to eat big elbows
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    Air books
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2022-02-02 21:22:19
[QQ group: 652309075] at the age of 16, I woke up to the fire system. I bear the blood of the emperor and have the soul of my ancestors in my body. I was favored by the three legged Jinwu, the totem beast of the Shang Dynasty after getting three gold crows, I wanted to find a reason to leave this imperial city with blood discrimination, but the death of my servant completely disappointed me with the Zi family... I broke the legs of the two brothers who killed the servant, but I was exiled to the front line and killed 30 giant wolves a week. A month later, I was broken but there is a legend on the front line "there is a 16-year-old half blooded boy on the front line. The half blooded boy broke the demon fighting at the same level that no one in the Zi family has been able to complete in recent 100 years. The boy fought dozens of giant wolves with his first level cultivation. Every evening, a famous boy carrying the corpse of the giant wolf will come from night to night" "the boy takes wolf skin as his clothes, wolf meat as his food, wolf blood as water and wolf teeth as his tools" "Young man, what a god!" later, I successfully walked out of the Imperial City, left the Zi family with feudal social system and came to the prosperous outside world

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