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Trapped Road

Trapped Road

Trapped Road

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2188 ratings
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    Trapped Road
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    Do nothing without doing it
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    Weixin Book
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2022-09-23 07:02:20
I'm sorry, this book is not a "fast food" online article in the fast-paced era. It's an idle and boring author who complains about some trivial things. It's too hasty. This is not a cool article, so I can't give you a novel experience. Because I've never written a book, I can only try my best to write some "feelings and words" I see in my heart, If the readers have expectations, I hope you can tolerate me, who is immature and will talk nonsense. I don't know that it may be the author's "author" declared that I was trapped by the plan of life, so I came to the stage, earned a few bad money, added a clumsy pen, wrote a few words I want to say, and talked about the trivial things of life. First of all, if it's not well written, please forgive me, don't laugh... Thank you! Poetry, writing and other cultural heritages are not lost because of the times. I hope all interested readers can pay more attention to those heritages that can be forgotten, and then thank the guardian of culture

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