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Life simulation: becoming stronger in the universe

Life simulation: becoming stronger in the universe

Life simulation: becoming stronger in the universe

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    Life simulation: becoming stronger in the universe
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    Lin Yuexi
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2022-06-29 10:21:30
This is a world where science and technology coexist with high martial arts after 2000 years of Reiki recovery. Here you can see mecha soldiers, alchemists flying with swords, or magicians reciting spells and performing forbidden spells Jiang Li was reborn into this world. At first, he taught himself to complete the introduction of an alchemist and was regarded as a genius. However, later, it was difficult to make progress in the process of refining gas. The fall of genius can only abandon martial arts and follow literature. However, in this world where martial arts is more important than literature, even learning liberal arts needs to have a certain martial arts foundation Jiang Li, who is about to drop out of school and become an ordinary human being, activated the random life simulator after accidentally killing alien creatures the simulator enables him to simulate life in the world of heaven and get rewards from it. These rewards are not limited to items, martial arts, fairies, magic and powers, but even the character cards of the world of heaven therefore, the journey of Jiang Li's life is no longer daily necessities, but the sea of stars simulator rules: activate for the first time to get a life simulation get a life simulation on the 30th day of signing in get the highest life evaluation and get a life simulation complete the task and get a life simulation each time you complete a life simulation, you will get rewards related to the current life simulation according to your life evaluation... "congratulations to the host for obtaining Dugu Jiujian." "congratulations to the host on getting the character card: Ning Zhongze, but the character is on the verge of mental collapse and ready to commit suicide. Please use this card with caution." "congratulations to the host on getting a serious punch." "congratulations to the host on obtaining the character card: Boya Hankuk. If you covet the beauty of the character, please use it with caution."< br>……

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