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Your highness is hiding deeply

Your highness is hiding deeply

Your highness is hiding deeply

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    Your highness is hiding deeply
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    Summer rain in dark night
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    Long Novel
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I, Jing Yu, Prince of Chen guoliu when the state of Chen perished, it left me a huge treasure of restoration now the treasure is still buried in Chen's Kyoto palace as long as you can give me 99 liang of silver as the fare when I get the treasure in Kyoto Prefecture and succeed in restoring the country, I will arrange you to be the Minister of household and reward 10000 liang of silver what? If there is no 99 Liang, then 9 Liang is OK Jing Yu is very helpless and sad. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was surprised to find that he was the sixth Prince of the state of Chen sleeping in a nanmu big bed, surrounded by beautiful maids, and being served when dressing and eating, is simply priceless but the second thing, he immediately found that Chen Guojing's capital had been besieged by the army of the state of Wei for half a month and was about to be destroyed I'm a mud horse. How can I fix it

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