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Myth analysis, I know the plot is invincible

Myth analysis, I know the plot is invincible

Myth analysis, I know the plot is invincible

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    Myth analysis, I know the plot is invincible
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    No shortage of Jinfeng
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    Day Books
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2022-06-27 22:24:27
Introduction thousands of years ago, the unprecedented catastrophe swept Bluestar when the disaster was young, strange fragments appeared on the earth, and there were different worlds in the fragments these worlds are different. There are worlds that display martial arts through internal skills, worlds that display cultivation through Fayuan, and worlds where immortals come to destroy heaven and earth. At the same time, people find that they can enter that world and bend over a character. If they can live to the end of that world, they can obtain the great power of that world Li Su, who had somehow crossed the world, was surprised to find that the world in the fragments of the world was actually all the stories in the novels he had read in his previous life so "Yin Zhiping, let go of the Dragon Girl. Brother Guo, come quickly. There's a shameless guy here!" "Qi Gong, what do you think of the honey chicken wings? And this spicy mutton kebab, you can taste it. No need, no need. The eighteen dragon subduing palms are the mental skills of the beggars' sect. I don't have that talent. I want to mix with seven generations of elders..." "Zhong Shao, Ziling, the bastard of xiangyushan wants to control you two through Susu. If sister Susu doesn't do it, she'll die if you don't go..." "brother monkey, it's me. I, the scholar who invited you to eat noodles in zhanzhou in the south, do you still have an impression..." "no, sect leader, you have to be reasonable? You are Sanqing, my Taoist master. Interception is a Tiankeng..."

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