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Shiichiro: rebuild the name of reed from Zhumie

Shiichiro: rebuild the name of reed from Zhumie

Shiichiro: rebuild the name of reed from Zhumie

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    Shiichiro: rebuild the name of reed from Zhumie
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    Skilled small salary
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    Mountain Book
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2022-04-17 09:04:47
[Zhu Mie Tongren] [only wolf Tongren] Wei Mingxian Yilang, who died, was forced to watch an anchor pass "only wolf" hundreds of times for several consecutive years. After the sudden death of the anchor, shinichiro came back from the dead however, he found that he did not return to Wei Ming, but came to Japan in the Taisho Era, and his physical condition returned to the age of 9 years before he was adopted by Wei Ming wholeheartedly soon, shinichiro realized that there was no Republic of Wei in Japan in this era, and even his old opponent, the Tokugawa shogunate, the prototype of neifu, had become a bubble in history Xian Yilang is confused. Is my life, my family and people just a game however, just when he felt uneasy - he actually had a soul player system in his mind as long as the word "Reed name" is spread proudly, you can obtain reputation value, so as to revive all the dead reed names through lucky draw! Whether it's grandpa Yixin, brother Jiulang or the teacher's ghost punishment department, they all have the hope of coming back from the dead by fighting ghosts or powerful opponents, shinichiro can also gain experience and combat memory to unlock the unique skill of Wei Ming that he could not master in this way, shinichiro finally has a new goal he wants to rebuild the name of Reed - even at the cost of seizing the country in order to achieve this goal, ghosts have become an important tool... the current world [ghost killing blade] pre write the world [sword wind legend] and [Naruto] (to be determined)

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