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My pet beast can fight by itself

My pet beast can fight by itself

My pet beast can fight by itself

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    My pet beast can fight by itself
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    Red Love Elegy
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    Long Novel
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2022-06-29 09:24:03
Extraordinary arrival, dimensional Warcraft invasion, the world has entered the era of Royal beast the arrival of fantasy races such as angels, demons, goblins and half dragons has reshuffled the pattern of the world "chirp, remove the mimicry. The battle is over" in the secret land of green mountains, rivers and mountains come out of the fort and turn Gatlin back into a small mud monster behind the mountains and rivers, a group of students who took part in the college entrance examination looked complex. Some couldn't look directly at the little mud monster who kept jumping taking back his eyes, Jiangshan pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose "let's go!" when the words fell, the river and mountain took one step and jumped directly from the top of the mountain seeing this scene, the little mud monster next to him jumped down from the top of the mountain with the pace of rivers and mountains, turned into a flying carpet at the foot of rivers and mountains in an instant, and flew towards the entrance of the secret place with rivers and mountains.

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