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My smoke goddess

My smoke goddess

My smoke goddess

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    My smoke goddess
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    Dreamless L
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    Daily Novel
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2022-09-23 09:37:01
Gu Ze acquired a game development company that has just completed restructuring at this time, he was introducing the latest game developed by the company at the E4 game exhibition while operating the developer account of infinite diamond for real machine demonstration, he explained to the audience "gunsmoke female martial god is a sub era work of card collection, simulated operation, real-time tactics, strategy development and other elements" "in the game, you can collect all kinds of Zhanji cards with exquisite painting and powerful skills" "Zhanji can lead your army to liberate territory and collect resources from enemy occupied areas" "A large number of scientific research upgrades are available for research, from World War I to the cold war and then to the interstellar era" "..." While he was impassioned, he accidentally knocked down the water cup at hand. with a violent electric spark, the smoke curled up. he opened his eyes again, and he was already in the game. and he also bound the unlimited diamond developer account for demonstration. ... however, Gu Ze was completely desperate. because the company he bought was owned by two companies The company merged and reorganized. one is called WG and the other is called snail. What's more fatal is that the operation of the reorganized company is called BWD. this is destined to be a tragedy full of unspeakable magic and malice.

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