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Legend of Yuling family

Legend of Yuling family

Legend of Yuling family

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    Legend of Yuling family
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    Time vision follows the heart
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    Wine Novel
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2022-06-22 12:18:15
Getting up early in the morning, Nan Jun found himself in a world where elves and people coexist originally, we should imitate the big men of the walkers, who are majestic, domineering and second by second but I found myself a little person at the bottom of my family status and the bottom of my circle of friends not only that, why did the necessary system for the walkers come to me like a lucky draw from the supermarket? Why are my elves so Samoye like? Why do others show and I'm beaten with these questions, Nan Jun embarked on the road to become a great soul watcher ······ this book is also known as "dominating the world from Samoye". The full text is easy, healing and hope to support!

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