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Tomb Robber: I knocked out the treasure chest

Tomb Robber: I knocked out the treasure chest

Tomb Robber: I knocked out the treasure chest

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    Tomb Robber: I knocked out the treasure chest
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    Follow the trend and become immortal
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    Happy Novel
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When Xuliang crosses, he can kill monsters and drop the treasure chest< Br> you can kill zongzi, drop the black iron treasure chest, and get the seven killing order of gods and ghosts, and X100 gold coins< Br> you can kill the Yin soldiers, drop the silver treasure chest, and get the full version of the 16 trigrams of the week, including X1000 gold coins< Br> you kill Lu Shang king, drop the SSR gold boss treasure box, and obtain the golden artifact, golden thread holy dress, ghost seal, Zhou Tianzi Liujia, and gold x10w< Br> thus, a fifth school, dragon chopping Heavenly Master, was born< Br> Wang Kaixuan: I always thought I was cruel enough. I didn't know what cruelty was until I saw brother Liang chasing the corpses all over the tomb< Br> Hu Bayi: brother Liang is a quiet man. He doesn't like to talk. He never beeps when he can move his hands. He is either fighting or walking on the road to fighting< Br> zhangqiling: for the first time, I met a guy who was more stuffy than me. Xu Liang is a tomb robbing machine without feelings< Br> Wu Sansheng: don't panic when zombies come. Close the door and release brother Liang< Br> xuliangdao: it's the lack of firepower and phobia that is responsible for finding dragons and sharing gold, touching gold and lighting acupoints, and terror and mystery. If you can become stronger like me, it's not that we are trying hard to find the tomb owner, but that the tomb owner kneels in a row and puts the treasures in front of you for you to choose!

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