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The Apocalypse begins with a global copy

The Apocalypse begins with a global copy

The Apocalypse begins with a global copy

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    The Apocalypse begins with a global copy
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    Black heart white
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    People Books
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2022-04-27 09:57:40
[exception code: global replica system.] [Nature: event / scene.] [from a certain moment, a plurality of "disaster replica" and "eschatological replica" will appear all over the world. Earth creatures can enter the replica to complete tasks and obtain rewards, so as to obtain extraordinary power.] [earth creatures who complete replica tasks are called players.] [the special rules for global replicas are as follows: when a replica does not pass through perfectly within 12 weeks after it appears, the disaster phenomenon in the replica will be reflected in the real world in a reasonable / unreasonable way and bring disaster to the real world.] [the opening frequency of the replica entry is one week. No matter whether the replica of the previous week has been perfectly solved or not, the new replica will be refreshed.] Natural disasters, man-made disasters, ghosts and abnormal items. twelve week period. and incomprehensible terror copies! when all kinds of disasters mess into reality. when everything comes to an end. ... in short, this is an end story in infinite skin.

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