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Start with a good voice

Start with a good voice

Start with a good voice

Rating: 9 / 10 from 23202 ratings
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    Start with a good voice
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    Bitch, don't wave
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    Beauty Read
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2023-01-25 19:38:56
When Zhang Fan woke up, he found himself sitting on a rotating chair and became a mentor of good voice at this time, a very fashionable woman on the stage was singing rap: "light yellow dress, fluffy hair, holding my hand to see the latest oil painting... It was like a dream, I was still very moved when I woke up..." but he didn't know what was going on just now, he turned his chair around host: "Mr. Zhang Fan, why did you turn around? Do you really appreciate the player's rap?" Zhang Fan: host: "please comment on this student!" Zhang Fan usually just goes to KTV to sing. Where can he comment on music? He doesn't even know the staff. Fortunately, he is very familiar with this good voice program and directly said a very classic sentence: this student, please tell your dream.

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